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My Background

My name is Ashley, and I am the owner, designer and developer for The Southern Tech Lady. I decided to start this business because I wanted to merge my love of coding and web design with my love of creative arts. I have been a software developer for over 12 years, and I have worked in the public and private sectors. I primarily code in C, C++, Python, and VBA.  I have multiple years of on-the-job experience using SQL, Docker, Gitlab, and Ansible as well. I am also the owner and designer of a stationery company called I Have Plans for You where I sell stationery that I draw and hand letter.

I decided that I was tired of working within the confounds of the corporate world and decided to branch off into the world of UX/UI Design and Web/App Development. I started The Southern Tech Lady to share my portfolio and to blog about my process. I want this to be an informative and friendly space where women and minorities can learn and feel seen in the tech world.

I am a mom to two bright and beautiful daughters. I am married to The Tech Gentleman. I enjoy drawing, dancing, singing, crochet, reading and volunteering.

Ashley Kelly


Google UX Design Certificate

Google UX Design Professional

Data Science Specialization

Johns Hopkins University


Jackson State University

Master of Science, Mathematics

Thesis:   Analytical Solutions of Coupled Navier-Stokes Elastodynamic System of Equations Describing Fluid Flow in Cylindrical Shaped Blood Vessels

University of Southern Mississippi

Bachelor of Science, Mathematics

Undergraduate Research Project: Discriminants in Wonderland


Kwembe, Tor A., Sanders (Kelly), Ashley M., (2014). Modeling Nontraumatic Aneurysm Evolution, Growth, and Rupture. Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences, 10, 393-413


Aspinwall, Eric, Cooper, Racheal, Kuberry, Paul, Li, Zhilin, Sanders (Kelly) Ashley, Wang, Li, Zeng, Ke (2013). Some new analysis results for a class of interface problems. Mathematical Methods in the Applied Sciences. DOI 10.1002/mma.2865


Perry, John., Sanders (Kelly) Ashley, (2008) Solutions to College Math Journal Problems 866 and 871. College Math Journal.

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