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My I Have Plans For You Etsy Shop Was Born from my need for a creative outlet from my day job

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

Did you know that I have an Etsy stationery shop called I Have Plans For You?

One big step in my journey of becoming a web designer and UX/UI designer was starting my Etsy shop in February 2022. It's called I Have Plans For You, and I draw and hand letter designs that people like to use to decorate their planners and journals.

Drawing the designs that I turn into stickers and other digital products helped to reignite my love of artful creativity. I had been feeling stagnant doing the mundane tasks as a backend software engineer during my day job, and I needed an artistic outlet. I had been pretty active in the planner community on Instagram, and one day I decided to create the types of items that I was always buying

I draw all types of things, but I mostly focus on icons, hand lettered planner and journaling words and seasonal themes. My two biggest sellers are my personalized hand lettered name and phrase stickers that I sell both physically and digitally. I absolutely love hand lettering. I will post later about my favorite tech items for hand lettering.

What do you do to release your creativity?

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